As a part of his University studies, Oscar Falagán wrote an essay expressing the simbology and cultural exchange contents of a -strange but pure- full of essence audiovisual work titled “Il Tortillolo”: SIMBOLOGÍA TORTILLOLO

What is “Tortillolo”, the Tortillolo -il tortillolo if we use the italian article-? “Tortillolo” is many things…
It’s a great italian-spanish culture mix, watched through the eyes of Spanish erasmus students in Italy. It’s a movie with its own language: itagnolo or itañol -like spanglish, but with italian and spanish languages. It’s a creative filmaking work, directed and edited by Oscar Falagán and recorded by Davide Micocci. It’s an audiovisual stuff created in one week and with no budget, just with the will, energies and wish to express feelings in an artistic way, original idea of Estela Vaquero and Oscar Falagán.
May be one spanish tortilla in a box of an italian pizza ?
Erasmus experiences: dreams with a deadline, like the life…

-Year 2004 / “Spalian” language / Spanish and Italian subtitles / 20 minutes-