«Istria Paradiso» is the audiovisual report created by Oscar Falagán for Castilla y León Region about his experience being part of «Eurodyssey» in Istria Region (Croatia). Eurodyssey is an Assembly of European Regions (AER) Programme, which was set up in 1985 and aims at selecting young Europeans for international work experiences. In 2007 (10 years after Istria went into Eurodyssey) Oscar Falagán arrived to istria, representing his Spanish region (Castilla y León) in this Programme. During this programme, among other activities, he was working for Artimi Produkcija (video production company of the city of Pula) often in the professional creating of fine art video weddings, which meant a great approach to the culture of the region. The report includes one video clip edited by Óscar Falagán for one song «Pensieri» of the istrian musician Franko Kraicar, for wich Óscar edited also a short 3 minutes version calling this work «Abandoned Land». When Eurodissey Preogramme finished, he stayed working in Croatia, also in 2008.

Istria Paradiso shows some cuts of the wonderful and surprising ending part of Cinema Paradiso, when the main character, a famous Italian film director called Salvatore, open a very special present that a very special person did to him. Salvatore has just returned to Rome after he’s been back home (Sicily) for the funeral of Alfredo, who was like a father for him in his childhood. Salvatore had not been back his home village in Sicily in 30 years. There, somebody gives him the special present that Alfredo left for him, a reel of film. In his Roman screening room, Salvatore watches Alfredo’s reel and discovers that it is a very special montage: it contains all the romantic scenes that the priest ordered to cut from movies. Alfredo spliced all the sequences together to form a single film. Salvatore is delighted at watching this. During Eurodiyssey Programme, Óscar Falagán often worked editing «romantic scenes», wedding scenes. In Istria Pardiso, some of those seems are mixed with the very special montage of the ending part of Cinema Paradiso.

Óscar Falagán inserted in the report also one video clip that he edited for the song «Pensieri» of the Istrian musician Franko Kraicar, -for wich Óscar edited also a short 3 minutes version calling this work «Abandoned Land«-.

– Croatian Language/ English Subtitles / 19 minutes –